God's Healing Love

Posted by Dennis Chitwood Fri, 18 Nov 2005 16:23:00 GMT


We went to Sts. Peter & Paul Soup Kitchen to be available for prayer with the poor. Between 15 & 20 people took time to have someone pray with them. One man, Ernie, came to us for prayer. He was homeless and under his arm he carried a thin drape. We assume he found it in a dumpster. We asked what he would like Jesus to do for him this night? He said that he would like to have a blanket and some kind of shelter from the expected 20 degree temperature forecasted that night. We noticed that he was rubbing his ankle. He said that he was in extreme pain and could hardly walk. Walking was his means of transportation. He told us he had walked from a shelter on the North side of town, which is about 2 miles to get food this evening. We prayed with Ernie for shelter and that God would heal his ankle. When Ernie got up he began to rock on his sore ankle. We thought that he was doing this to somehow relieve the pain. He took a couple of steps and in amazement looked back at us and said: “The pain is gone! I can’t believe this!� He walked away painless with a smile and disbelief that God could love him so much. We praise God for what he is doing for His holy people.

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