Genesis Gathering

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Deacon Dennis and Elizabeth (Betty) Chitwood invite YOU to a Genesis Ministry Gathering, Friday, September 19^th at 7:30 P.M. at Sts. Peter & Paul Church, 1919 S. Seventh St., 63104. This will be an evening of appreciation prayer, and socializing. Genesis Ministry’s mission is to work with the grace of God to restore people to the truth of their original goodness. For more information or to make an appointment go to or call 314-968-0777.

Genesis Ministry Newsletter July 2007

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Moving On

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Dear Elizabeth, Thank you for everything that you have gifted me with… You have been a spiritual mother and mentor to me. You have been a prayer partner and prayer warrior for me. You have been a beautiful vehicle for God’s grace and healing. Thank you for saying ‘yes’ to Him. Thank you for loving me and thank you for being a guide and light to His promise and truth. Our prayer times have helped to set my little girl inside free. They have helped her to own the fact that she is beautiful, a child of God, God’s princess & because of that she can dance, celebrate, and freely praise the one who has made her. She can dance among the sunflowers and rejoice in His goodness! We always honor God when we dance, celebrate, laugh and rejoice in His goodness. I love you, Nikki

Praise Report

Posted by Dennis Chitwood Sun, 16 Jul 2006 11:40:00 GMT

Summary: Praise Report

Description: PRAISE REPORT: Your ministry has kept me in prayer...Liver Results & HIV Are Back & Excellent !

I have just heard from my Liver Specialist:

  • PRAISE GOD, my Hep C viral level is UNDETECTABLE ! After only 3 months of the 1 yr. of treatment; plus no signs of anemia !

  • & as an EXTRA Heavenly bonus---my hiv viral level is ALSO undetectable.

Need continued prayers though as I must do 9 more mos. of liver meds & both meds can build up a resistance & bring back viral levels...

Meanwhile & always---GOD IS GOOD !!!

Thank you Jesus!---RICK

More From North Carolina Conference

Posted by Dennis Chitwood Thu, 22 Jun 2006 03:36:00 GMT

Monday night at the St Joseph Intercessor Prayer group two reports of healing at the conference were given as praise reports:

One women had a deep unforgiveness in her heart for a hurt received and when the Blessed Sacrament came in front of her Friday night the weight of that unforgiveness lifted and she is at peace now.

Jan, the adult child of an alcoholic heard the witness about low self-esteem and the disorder that persists from that experience and she reports her change of heart and a healing received as she has had that burden lifted.

“Stay With Us Lord.� As you know Deacon Ron and Bette left the conference in the closing minutes of the conference to Baptize a 3 day old boy in NICU in danger of death. We knew that the child was in trouble but got the call then that is was going downhill and the parents wanted the child baptized. We hurried to Women’s Hospital, met the parents and Deacon Ron Baptized that little baby with all the life support attached.

Praise God, we got a call on Sunday that the baby is doing better and the medical staff told the parents that the upturn took place when the child was Baptized, Glory to God. We know that you all at the conference prayed for the emergency.

Also, here is another praise report from an attendee at the conference Doris Blasé from Asheboro wrote:

Dear Deacon Ron and Bette,

Lillian Hazelwood, a woman who was with us Sat. ----when she went to go to bed, she started to doctor a spot on her left foot and it was gone. She said that it was like a bone on the top of her foot that had been there for years and had always given her problems. But it was completely gone. Deacon Dennis Chitwood had called that someone with a problem with the left foot was being healed. She is soooo excited!! She is going to write to them and let them know. WOW!!!!

Yes, God is with us, Sister Mona reported this evening of the spiritual uplift and encouragement of the conference for her and Sister Lucy. This was a new encouragement and the Spirit advanced in the Maryfield setting for sure!

And, Ben reported Monday morning with an enthusiastic hug that he and his wife were so inspired by the conference and all that transpired. It was a great encouragement.

All reports are positive . . . here is part of a comment from Rose Moore: As I reflect on the beauty of the weekend, what comes to mind is the gifts of us all. God created us and we are His. What a beautiful gift he left for us in the breaking of bread. I have new meaning in mass as I witness this gift continuing. The gift so He can "stay with us", in a visual way. The gift is for me and my neighbor, the gift is for all. He surely stays with us. The people in our prayer group and others we met during the conference all have so many gifts . . .We must all be attentive and focused on the path with Jesus. We must continue to pray for protection because the underworld is not rejoicing with all of this action. The angels in heaven with our Lord must be bursting with joy. God is ever powerful over the darkness and we must keep his light ahead to dispel the darkness and to continue the good work.


Highlights from High Point Conference

Posted by Dennis Chitwood Tue, 20 Jun 2006 14:03:00 GMT

We have amazing stories of the power of God when people are open to receive healing and blessings. High Point, NC at Maryfield Center the Chitwoods’ prayed and preached the Good News of God’s healing love. Many were healed of spiritual fatigue and listlessness in prayer. God moved within them to resurrect their spirits to overflowing joy. Some experienced emotional and physical healings.

  • Mary was lifted from deep depression and grief with the death of her daughter three years ago. During the time of silent worship with the Eucharist, Mary had a vision of her daughter standing with Jesus smiling and laughing. When Mary experienced this vision she knew for the first time that her daughter was happy with God.

  • Deacon Jim said that during the time of extended praying in the Spirit that he noticed the sciatic pain, which plagued him for many years, was gone. Deacon Dennis had received a word of knowledge that God was healing someone of lower back problems. Deacon Dennis also received that God was healing someone’s left foot. Larry confirmed that his foot was healed during this time of prayer.

  • The following is part of an email from a woman who received God’s healing. This Baptist woman was very surprised how God chose to heal her emotional pain. “Visually I was seeing new things. Focusing on so much that was happening so fast. So much clutter in my brain. Then the blue light with its calm searched me! It covered me! It filled me with a love and peace and a special comfort. I did not want to be pulled away from this peace; that I was beginning to feel again.I never saw Mary, but I sensed her in that blue light. I FELT HER PRESENCE COVER ME AND HER VOICE IN MY HEAD! I originally expected the Father, Jesus or the Holy Spirit, but NOT Mary! It was when her light came close enough for me to reach out and touch it, I became in awe at the brightness and Glorious blue HOLY colors and the way she approached me in a loving manner. I sensed her peace and warmth as it covered me as a blanket! This light was wrapping itself around me in a new and different Love I can not explain. Almost like a Mother’s Love!â€? (For the entire email click here)

Kenya, Again?

Posted by Dennis Chitwood Tue, 23 May 2006 10:32:00 GMT

Dear Friends,

We have been praying and seeking God’s direction about returning to Africa. We believe that we are to return to Kenya to teach the catechists in Nairobi with Renewal Ministries. We have also been asked by Fr. Simon Njorge to teach at his parish and twenty outposts coinciding with our visit to Nairobi.

Genesis Ministry has also adopted a woman, Yvonne Ndamu who is working on her law degree. Her mother, Tecla was our interpreter during our trip to Mombasa, Kenya last December. Polygamy is not an unusual situation in Kenya. In the past most men had more than one wife. In order to follow the teaching of the Church, Tecla told her husband that he had to chose one wife and no longer have two wives and two families. Tecla’s husband chose to leave Tecla and her children. In Kenya women work very hard but receive very little for their effort.


Tecla’s daughter, Yvonne is a first year law student attending Catholic University of East Africa, Nairobi, who plans, with her education, to assist the homeless and abandoned children. Tecla has made a very heartfelt plea to our ministry to support her daughter in completing her law degree. The annual tuition of $1,715.00 is beyond the family’s means.

We will visit the Eastlands Youth Project, which is an after-school and vacation program targeting about 20, 12-14 years old boys of the slums in Nairobi. The brightest are taken through a program tutoring them in academics and economics showing them how to market a small business. They are also instructed in good physical training and hygiene and good morality. During our last visit we inquired about the young women and at that time there was no program for them. We encouraged them to consider starting a similar project for the young women. We are in contact with those in Kenya about the status of the women’s program and as of this writing nothing has moved forward. With your help and our presence we hope to get this initiative going. We could get it going with $5,000 for the first year.

We are seeking funding to enter into the mission fields of Kenya. All donations will go toward our travel expenses, to help Yvonne with her education and the Eastlands Youth Project.

Please pray for the success of this mission trip and if you can assist please make your tax-deductible donation to Genesis Ministry for Kenya Mission.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration.

Deacon Dennis & Elizabeth Chitwood

Helping the poor

Posted by Dennis Chitwood Fri, 31 Mar 2006 13:09:00 GMT

Greetings Deacon Dennise and Elizabeth, hope you are all fine. am fine and continuing well with my studies.The photos i have sent today are for a project we did .we were teaching women from "Mukuru kwa Reuben and Njenga slums their legal rights and the rights of their children ,we also taught them enterprenuil skills,marketing and Bussiness Ethics .I did this with the members of my group ,5 of us under the SIFE club of which am a member. The women were able to bring the items they make and through the permission of our club patron and the skills we taught them they were able to make good earnings to continue sustaining themselves and their children. The photos for a chidrens home we visited ,i will send them next time as i dont have now coming to an end ,we are closing on the 28 th April and will open n August 12th.

Bye for now and be blessed! Yvonne.



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Dear Deacon Dennise and Elizabeth, How are you?i hope fine. I know its quiet i while since i communicated ,am sorry for that but it is due to the tight schedule we have hear in school. I thank God because am continuing with school well and you too for ure unlimited support.To day i have the priviledge to send you two of my photos.Next week i will send you some photos from a project we did this semester. yours faithfully , Yvonne.


Lent 2006

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Dear Friends,

We invite you to join us this Lent by reflecting on the way you live in the truth of who you are created to be. You are a beloved child of God. We know from our own experiences and from the experiences of others who come for prayer, that most of us only live a small fraction of our life acting out of the truth that we are a beloved child of God. Most of us spend much of our time reacting to life as someone walking in the shadows not really able to walk in the light of truth. We search in the shadows for happiness longing for fulfillment. The only thing that brings us true human fulfillment is the knowledge that we are loved and that we can love others because God first loved us.

We invite you to fast along with us every Wednesday and Friday. We are not speaking about abstaining which is to deny yourself certain foods like chocolate, meat etc. Abstaining is good but fasting is a greater denial of self. When we fast we enter into prayer and awareness of our reliance on God for life. We are suggesting that we only have bread and water on these days. When the pains of hunger strike turn to pray seeking God’s will in our individual lives and that Genesis Ministry is ministering in God’s will. We realize that everyone cannot enter into a fast of bread and water alone. We invite you to make some form of sacrifice, abstain from something, and join us as a community in prayer.

We have been very busy recently giving presentations, teaching on these topics, Call to Holiness, Called to be Catholic, and Call to Evangelize. We are working on getting some video on the website of some of our teachings. We will be presenting a Holy Spirit Novena on Thursdays during Lent at Annunciation Parish in Webster Groves at 7:00 pm.

We will be directing a morning of reflection in St. Charles. Please pray that we can encourage the catechists of the St. Charles deanery to walk more fully in the Holy Spirit, trusting in Jesus to give them insight to teach their parishioners the truth of God’s healing love. Also pray as we direct a parish council retreat.

Recently we prayed with a person suffering from deep grief and depression. During the session it was as if God lifted the heaviness and light filled the room. We prayed for a woman who had a severe skin condition and she reported that her skin has completely been restored. Praise God.

We continue to learn more about the Internet and how to make information available in a timely manner. We shot video from our African mission trip and various talks and we are still in the learning curve of producing and editing the video for displaying on the web. Pray for us as we learn new skills. Please let us know if you have time and the knowledge to teach us how to become more efficient.

We pray that during this Lent season we all grow in our understanding of who God is and who we are in God.


Deacon Dennis & Elizabeth

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