Amazing Visitation Story

Posted by Dennis Chitwood Sat, 31 Dec 2011 21:23:00 GMT

VisitationWe said good bye to mom, Anne Weiss; age 97, before leaving for a gifted trip of a lifetime to Munich and Italy on 10-31-11. She had Congestive Heart Failure and we had said our good byes four times already this year. She had donated her body to SLU Hospital years ago. We were at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy on Fri.11-4-11 at 11:55 AM and were to meet our friends John & Michele Hopkins at noon. Our private guide Hildrun said we had time to see one more room. As we entered room #25 a painting of The Visitation by Albertinelli, 1503, caught my eye and I teared up and said 'Dennis isn't this beautiful?' I began crying and then sobbing. He held me facing the painting and said 'It reminds me of a mother and daughter – like mom and Patti (my beloved sister who died suddenly 12-25-10 of an aneurism).' He didn't realize at the time this painting was The Visitation of Mary greeting her cousin Elizabeth from Luke 1: 39-45. Walking to meet John and Michele I experienced deep heavy sighs (a sign of grief) and didn't begin to understand the significance. I was relating to them my reaction to the painting when John's phone rang; it was our daughter Jeana calling from St. Louis, MO. She told me grandma is now resting in Jesus' arms. This was 5:55 AM St. Louis time, the exact same time I saw this painting. A few moments before mom died, Jeana said: 'Grandma, it's okay to go. Please pray for us and we will pray for you. Patti is waiting for you'. Mom, a holy woman and precious Child of God, had been Anointed and died peacefully. God stories happen all the time. Let us be open to the Holy Spirit, courageous and ready to share them with each other to help build our faith.

9-10-11 Board Minutes

Posted by Elizabeth Chitwood Fri, 23 Sep 2011 23:40:00 GMT

9-10-11 Genesis Board Minutes

Present: Dennis & Elizabeth; Jeff & Mary Jo; Linda; Lisa; Joanie

Absent: Jeana; Doug; Joyce

During a time for check-in we prayed with laying on of hands for two members. Since this took awhile we discussed if we should do business first and then check-in with each other. The majority agreed business first would be best. We could catch up with each during lunch.

The Financial Report disclosed a car has been donated to the ministry. After getting it in good working condition, it will be given to a college student who needs transportation. A donation (including an ad in the Fall Conference booklet) was given to National Service Committee. A bi-yearly donation was given to the Catholic Renewal Center .

The August 5–7, 2011 SPIN Marriage Retreat and the August 13th SPIN Retreat for the Permanent Deacon Day was shared. Several Deacons suggested this day be a regular part of Deacon Formation. They also suggested this be brought to individual parishes. (see blog for more details). A new Mission Brochure and calling cards have been ordered and are at the printers.

We received an email from Yvonne with pictures. She has passed the bar and is waiting for the final paperwork. This was sent to all Genesis donors and is on the blog.

Spoke with the family we helped from the May 22 Joplin tornado. They could not begin to express their appreciation of the many generous donors through this appeal. They were able to replace one vehicle with these funds. It gave them hope during an extreme time of crisis. The emotional scars of this travesty will take a long time to heal. They are on their way with a new job for the husband working for a Christian Co. This required a move to another city away from the landscape of rubbish which is healing in itself.

The number of people who make appointments for individual prayer/counseling continues. Following prayer for God's Healing Light we hear comments like: ' A hole in my heart was filled'; 'I never knew God's abundance was my birthright'; 'Now I see all those things from my past have finally brought me to a place of peace': ' God showed me how He saw this issue and that allowed me to have deeper forgiveness from my heart'; 'understood God died for him and He is loved, feels reborn.'

We continue to go to Sts. Peter & Paul Meals Program on the 2nd Tues. of the month to pray for any individual who wants individual prayer. God blesses those who come with His abundant love, peace and mercy. Some look forward to this and come each month to be prayed with.

Dennis & Linda will begin work on the Parish Mission marketing plan this upcoming week. They will meet with representatives of individual parishes to bring missions to their parishes hopefully in the Spring of 2012.

Elizabeth and Joyce are writing and updating the Website blog. Dennis and Jeff are updating the website.

Genesis will take an ad in the Aquinas Program Booklet for The Great Preacher Award Oct. 27th We will sponsor a table for Genesis Ministry Board members and spouses.

Submitted by Elizabeth and edited by Joyce 9-13-11

Weekly Report 9/18/2011

Posted by Elizabeth Chitwood Fri, 23 Sep 2011 23:31:00 GMT

1September 13,2011

Dennis Chitwood responds to questions about the GENESIS MINISTRY.

For those who don’t know about this ministry, tell us the mission or purpose of GENESIS MINISTRY, (a 501c 3 charitable organization.)

“Our goals and mission are described on our web page-GENESIS-MINISTRY. COM. We want to bring Gods’ healing to all we encounter. Working with the Grace of God to restore people to the truth of their original goodness.”

What actions or activities have recently presented this mission?

“We lead mission retreats in a group setting, daylong retreats and individual counseling or spiritual guidance.

In August we held a Marriage Retreat and a Permanent Deacon’s Day of Reflection with deacons and their wives about Spiritual Intimacy (SPIN). The Deacons were saying they wanted to bring this to their parishes. They even though it would be good to have this as part of the Formation for Deacons and their wives.

We financially helped a family in Joplin, Mo. Recently the father got a job in a Christian business that creates religious objects for sale.

There was a woman delivered from anxiety attacks. She left at peace seeing the situation through God’s eyes or perspective.

There was a gentleman who felt he never ‘measured up,’ his brothers always excelled in the parent’s eyes. He described feeling like he had been ‘reborn’, all of the pain was gone.”

That’s all for this week, friends, supporters and partners.

Yvonne shares good news

Posted by Elizabeth Chitwood Fri, 09 Sep 2011 21:41:00 GMT

Dear Deacon Dennis and Auunt Elizabeth, Praise God! Hope you are doing well. Mum, Emmanuel and I are all fine -we give God all the Glory! As I await admission to the bar,and also to get a permanent job am currently doing voluntary work teaching -on civic education on the implementation of the new constitution that Kenya passed last year. We go to the very rural villages where the people lack information on the current affairs of the country due to the poor infrastructure,very few schools and lack of electricty there. I really enjoy the work as I believe education should be for service to the community. Attached are some of the photos of the teaching we did at a community church in kikuyu village.In the first photo am third on the right seated near the lady in pink. In the other photos you will see me in a grey suit and black and white blouse teaching.

All my love and Blessings, Yvonne.

Picture is posted on our website under Missions


Posted by Elizabeth Chitwood Fri, 09 Sep 2011 21:07:45 GMT

August 5 – 7, 2011 SPIN Marriage Retreat, with ten couples attending, took place at a private ranch in Farmington, MO. We focused on our most important relationship on earth – our spouse. The theme of SPiritual INtimacy was confirmed by the Pastoral Letter of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops 'Marriage: Love and Life in the Divine Plan'. The purpose of the retreat was to help us understand our spouse's relationship with God through presentations and opportunities to share practical methods of prayer together. God's love was so powerful during one session in particular and many people were moved deeply. There was ample 'down time' to enjoy this beautiful setting and each other. We came away more fully recommitted to each other and our journey toward eternity. 'A three-ply cord is not easily broken.' Ecclesiastes 4: 12.

Presenters : Deacon Dennis & Elizabeth Chitwood Scott & Jeana Schoenberger

August 13, 2011 Permanent Deacon Day of Reflection was attended by 30 deacons and wives at the Regali Center in St. Louis. We based the day on the Pastoral Letter of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops 'Marriage: Love and Life in the Divine Plan'. The purpose of the day was to enhance the spiritual intimacy for each couple to better equip them to help hurting couples in their parishes. We had presentations and opportunities to share practical methods of prayer together. The day began with Liturgy of the Hours and ended with Benediction. One of the prayer experiences was overwhelming to us personally as we were filled with awe at God's abundance. All came away filled with hope and joy, many wanting to bring this to their parishes.

Presenters: Deacon Dennis & Elizabeth Chitwood Deacon George & Mary Miller

Aquinas Institute of Theology Award

Posted by Dennis Chitwood Sat, 03 Sep 2011 19:53:00 GMT

Deacon Dennis Chitwood is the 2011 recipient of the prestigious "Great Preacher Award" from Aquinas Institute of Theology. He joins an array of distinguished churchmen who have been past recipients such as the late Joseph Cardinal Bernadin (1996), Bishop Paul Zipfel (1999), Archbishop Wilton Gregory (2002), and Francis Cardinal George (2010). This is the first time a Deacon will be the recipient of the Great Preacher Award. Can you please support this event as it is Aquinas's primary scholarship fund raiser. This special blessing will take place on Thursday, October 27, 2011 at Rose of the Hill Banquet Center. To attend and/or be a donor please call Barbara Maynard at (314) 256-8858 . We are hopeful you can join us for this wonderful evening.

10/16/10 Board Notes

Posted by Dennis Chitwood Sat, 06 Nov 2010 14:07:00 GMT

Genesis Ministry Notes – 10-16-10 Board Meeting

Some of the sharing that we received during our time of prayer:

It is not for the servant to know the master plan but to know the Master. The Master may reveal his plan by word or gesture. The servant responsibility is to respond to the Master without question knowing that the Master knows all. Trust what will happen with an open listening heart. Recent scripture of the servant who comes in from the field and says 'I'm not worthy; I only did what was asked.’ Genesis Ministry is like a servant and needs to be at the ready to hear the master there we can't have too many tasks. We are servants and God will tell us what and when.

There was an image of a NASCAR race with the driver receiving instructions from trained instructors. Interpretation - Dennis & Elizabeth are like the driver who is receiving instruction from multiple voices all around the track.

Joshua 3:11 – the arc of the covenant will lead you.

Someone had an image of a lighthouse guarding and guiding the way. Another person said that lighthouses are always built in dangerous places. A lighthouse guides people away from rocks but when the glass gets dirty, it cannot be seen clearly. We are like lighthouses and because of sin, it is difficult to lead people to safety.

In a storm, large cruise ships may not be tossed about as smaller ships but the cruise ship can still be headed to danger. Be vigilant to point people in the right direction. Like the lighthouse, direct them into safe harbor. Bring them to Jesus who is like a safe cove.

Dennis recalled his July 27th experience – Jesus is ready to suffer all because of his loving mercy which is redemptive grace that brings each of us into his very presence. We are privileged when we suffer trials and suffering and through the redemptive grace of God we unite our trials with the heart of God filled with compassion & mercy. We humbly offer this to God for the person most in need of God's mercy. When people experience God, they are transformed, sometimes quickly, but always into the original purpose of God. This is the mission of Genesis Ministry.

Joan had a badly burnt teapot that looked ruined but was actually cleaned in the heat and restored to original beauty. Take what comes and trust God. Romans 8:28 ‘God works all things to the good for those who love Him.'

A teen told story of staying focused only on God. Picture yourself on a road and your favorite image of God at the end of the road. We are journeying on that road with Jesus beside us or some times carrying us. On the right of the road is everything from our past; regrets, successes, pain, fear etc. On the left of the road is everything of the future; plans, fears, how and what to do, etc. Our task, as Christians, is to stay in the present moment on the road with Jesus focused only on God. This brings peace.

Some scriptures that reflect this teaching are Deuteronomy 5:32-33, Joshua 1:7-9, Sirach 2:6, Proverbs 3:6, Proverbs 4:27, Isaiah 30:20-22, Matthew 3: 3

It was brought up that Genesis Ministry should offer prayer times for walk-ins. Dennis said that we first should speak with Jane Guenther and Msgr. Ed so that we would not be in conflict with the archdiocese.

June 2010

Posted by Dennis Chitwood Mon, 28 Jun 2010 21:47:00 GMT

Genesis Prayer Group Visions

Posted by Dennis Chitwood Fri, 08 May 2009 18:56:31 GMT

During our prayer meeting over the past few weeks there have been a couple visions that we would like to share.

First image: There was a beach scene at the ocean where a little boy was playing in the sand and he noticed waste water running into the sea. He stopped what he was doing and began to build a dam to stop the water from polluting the ocean. People passing would laugh at him and told him it is impossible to stop the waste water. Then Jesus came and told the boy that he needed to stop the pollution at its source and origin. Jesus and the boy began to walk up stream to the point of the pollution. It was then that Jesus said now that we are here let me turn of the pollution. Jesus said that each person needs to return to the source of their sin (pollution in ones life) with Jesus, and allow Him to turn off the pollution. He also said that the Christian Churches need to stop polluting His sea of Mercy and Forgiveness. The Church needs to return to the source of disunity so that Jesus can restore them to springs of life giving water.

Second image: A canoeist was quickly going down a river and enjoying being in the rivers current, moving along effortlessly. This person, who was an experienced canoeist, knew the harder work of being outside of the current. It was clear that this image was reminding us to stay in the flow of God’s grace. Suddenly behind the canoeist a wall of water came rushing down. It was a huge flash food that was totally unexpected. At the same time Jesus was riding the wave on a surfboard with a great big smile and wind blowing through his hair. Then the scene switched to the ocean and there were three people on surfboards waiting to catch the next big wave. One, who had never surfed before. was not sure what to do and was pondering how others learned to surf. Jesus said that people learn to surf by trial and error. Being the one with Jesus I asked surly one does not totally learn to surf by trial and error. He laughed as he peered out into the oncoming waves and said this is true. What ones needs is someone who is experienced to teach them to recognize the correct wave to catch and how you time the moment to pop up onto the board and ride the wave. Then Jesus said, “see that big one coming in?” I said yes I did see it. He laughed again and said, “see you have experience in knowing which wave to catch.” He then said to Linda, the one on the other board, “do you see it?” She responded that she could not, but as she looked again at the rolling sea she did see it. We all turned our boards and caught the wave and road it as long as we could. I lost it first and watched as Jesus and Linda continued into the shallows. Linda stopped first, but Jesus road the wave all the way to the beach onto the sand. He stepped off his board and said with great enthusiasm, “Let’s go again.” So we all paddled our boards back into the deep and waited for another wave. Jesus said, “Life is like this, we spend most our time waiting for the action of the Holy Spirit which comes in waves. We must be watchful and learn to recognize the correct wave to catch. The sea is the Father’s grace and mercy which possesses the power and work of the Holy Spirit. Wait for it and catch it for the ride is wonderful but can be short. Some fall off and others do not ride it to its completion. Learn to ride it all the way as I do.” He said, “here comes another wave even larger than the last.”


Posted by Dennis Chitwood Wed, 06 May 2009 00:17:03 GMT

GROWING IN THE SPIRIT Preparing For Pentecost

Do you seek a deeper relationship with God through the power of The Holy Spirit? Our Community invites you to be part of a free four-session prayer, praise and teaching seminar with Eucharist Adoration.

Beginning on Sunday, May 17 and continuing May 24, and June 7 from 4:00PM to 6:00PM, we will meet at Annunciation Parish, 12 W. Glendale, Webster Groves, MO. 63119 as we gather to develop awareness of God’s Gifts and Power through the action of The Holy Spirit. Pentecost Sunday, May 31st we will join the Global Day of Prayer at the St. Louis University Chaifetz Arena.

Please come join us and bring your friends as we grow together in this faith-sharing experience.

There is no registration or fee.

Contact Deacon Dennis Chitwood 314.566.1391

“Pray for us Holy Mother of God that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ”

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