June 2010

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Genesis Ministry Newsletter July 2007

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Lent 2006

Posted by Dennis Chitwood Thu, 16 Mar 2006 00:43:00 GMT

Dear Friends,

We invite you to join us this Lent by reflecting on the way you live in the truth of who you are created to be. You are a beloved child of God. We know from our own experiences and from the experiences of others who come for prayer, that most of us only live a small fraction of our life acting out of the truth that we are a beloved child of God. Most of us spend much of our time reacting to life as someone walking in the shadows not really able to walk in the light of truth. We search in the shadows for happiness longing for fulfillment. The only thing that brings us true human fulfillment is the knowledge that we are loved and that we can love others because God first loved us.

We invite you to fast along with us every Wednesday and Friday. We are not speaking about abstaining which is to deny yourself certain foods like chocolate, meat etc. Abstaining is good but fasting is a greater denial of self. When we fast we enter into prayer and awareness of our reliance on God for life. We are suggesting that we only have bread and water on these days. When the pains of hunger strike turn to pray seeking God’s will in our individual lives and that Genesis Ministry is ministering in God’s will. We realize that everyone cannot enter into a fast of bread and water alone. We invite you to make some form of sacrifice, abstain from something, and join us as a community in prayer.

We have been very busy recently giving presentations, teaching on these topics, Call to Holiness, Called to be Catholic, and Call to Evangelize. We are working on getting some video on the website of some of our teachings. We will be presenting a Holy Spirit Novena on Thursdays during Lent at Annunciation Parish in Webster Groves at 7:00 pm.

We will be directing a morning of reflection in St. Charles. Please pray that we can encourage the catechists of the St. Charles deanery to walk more fully in the Holy Spirit, trusting in Jesus to give them insight to teach their parishioners the truth of God’s healing love. Also pray as we direct a parish council retreat.

Recently we prayed with a person suffering from deep grief and depression. During the session it was as if God lifted the heaviness and light filled the room. We prayed for a woman who had a severe skin condition and she reported that her skin has completely been restored. Praise God.

We continue to learn more about the Internet and how to make information available in a timely manner. We shot video from our African mission trip and various talks and we are still in the learning curve of producing and editing the video for displaying on the web. Pray for us as we learn new skills. Please let us know if you have time and the knowledge to teach us how to become more efficient.

We pray that during this Lent season we all grow in our understanding of who God is and who we are in God.


Deacon Dennis & Elizabeth