Note from Yvonne

Posted by Dennis Chitwood Sat, 31 Dec 2011 21:26:00 GMT

Dear Deacon Dennis and Auunt Elizabeth, Praise God! Hope your holiday is coming up well. I have sent you more photos of the admission day- inset is Mum,my brother-Emmanuel, my uncle and her daughter. About the check you were to send - we are very thankfull about it but we were thinking maybe you could just hold on with it and when I get a permanent job maybe I could save and combine with that you are holding then it forms the air ticket for me to come visit and thank you personaly.What do you think? Lots of Love and Blessings,

Helping the poor

Posted by Dennis Chitwood Fri, 31 Mar 2006 13:09:00 GMT

Greetings Deacon Dennise and Elizabeth, hope you are all fine. am fine and continuing well with my studies.The photos i have sent today are for a project we did .we were teaching women from "Mukuru kwa Reuben and Njenga slums their legal rights and the rights of their children ,we also taught them enterprenuil skills,marketing and Bussiness Ethics .I did this with the members of my group ,5 of us under the SIFE club of which am a member. The women were able to bring the items they make and through the permission of our club patron and the skills we taught them they were able to make good earnings to continue sustaining themselves and their children. The photos for a chidrens home we visited ,i will send them next time as i dont have now coming to an end ,we are closing on the 28 th April and will open n August 12th.

Bye for now and be blessed! Yvonne.



Posted by Dennis Chitwood Fri, 17 Mar 2006 14:23:00 GMT

Dear Deacon Dennise and Elizabeth, How are you?i hope fine. I know its quiet i while since i communicated ,am sorry for that but it is due to the tight schedule we have hear in school. I thank God because am continuing with school well and you too for ure unlimited support.To day i have the priviledge to send you two of my photos.Next week i will send you some photos from a project we did this semester. yours faithfully , Yvonne.


New video - Call to Evangelize available!

Posted by Administrator Tue, 28 Feb 2006 19:01:00 GMT

We have uploaded a video recording of a "Call to Evangelize" presentation that we recently gave in regards to our Kenya mission trip.

You may view it here along with other videos that we will be uploading in the near future.

Click here for Genesis Ministry Videos

Kenya, Africa Miracle Stories

Posted by Dennis Chitwood Tue, 27 Dec 2005 00:36:00 GMT

We are overwhelmed this Christmas Season as we contemplate the wonder that Jesus became man, died to save us and fills us with His Holy Spirit. In a like manner we are overwhelmed that God would use us to bring His Good News across the world. We are truly humbled as we experienced His mercy and healing when others became aware of their original goodness restored by Christ.

NWAThe blessings are too numerous to list here. Our scheduled Northwest flight to Detroit was rerouted to Boston because of fuel problems with the plane. The first blessing was a flight attendant, Diane, who knelt in the aisle of a Northwest jetliner in route to Amsterdam to pray for repentance and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in her life. Arriving in Nairobi we anticipated lost luggage because there was no record of it in the Amsterdam computer, but to our surprise our bags had made it there before us. We rejoice in the Lord. The team of the Renewal met us in Nairobi and as we loaded our bags a voice says ‘How is Genesis Ministry going?’ We turned in complete shock that anyone would know about our relatively new ministry. We met Fanuel, our driver, who went to Renewal Ministries web site, saw our names as part of the team and found Genesis Ministry online. He had even printed one of our color brochures. What a blessing as we got to know him and his beautiful wife, Nazarene and two sons, Michael and Francis.

TeclaWe met Tecla who was our interrupter. She shared her story with us about how her husband had two families. When she told him that she could not be married to a man with two families, he chose to abandon her and their two children, Yvonne and Emmanuel. Tecla does not have a permanent job; rather she is a lay evangelist going wherever God calls her. Yvonne plans to attend the Law School, Catholic University in Nairobi, Kenya with the desire to get a law degree so she can help children who have been abandoned or orphaned. We are trying to raise $1715 to help her with tuition for this semester. If you can help or know of someone who can help, please send your tax-deductible check to Genesis Ministry marked for Yvonne Fund. 100% of what is collected will go to the university for tuition.

Mary, Mother of God Parish stands on ground that was barren but now is the center of life in Embulbul, Kenya.Mother of God Fr. Kevin McGarry SMA arrived eight years ago with a vision and total trust in God. He began by helping people get plots of land to build their homes and property for the parish. A convent, health clinic, counseling center, elementary and secondary schools, and a beautiful church make up the parish, which was completed in 2003 under Fr. Kevin’s leadership. More importantly He built the faith of the people of God so they can now “stand in front of crowds and hold them in the palms of their hands, while their eyes shine as they speak of what God has done for them.� (from Fr. Kevin’s Christmas letter). Fr. Kevin stated clearly, at the Mass introducing Fr. Fabian the new pastor, that what was accomplished through the grace of God was only the foundation for what God was going to do next. Like all of us he didn’t know the next thing God was going to do. All he knew was that God would be doing something powerful for those who trust in him.

We don’t know the next thing God is doing through Genesis Ministry. We do know that if we are open to his grace we will experience His power far beyond our expectations. As 2005 begins to wind down, we reflect back over the past few months and realize the many blessings God has given through and to Genesis Ministry. Because you are reading this letter you must realize that you are one of God’s blessings, openly received by us, that allowed us to minister to so many, here and far away. You’re trusting in God and the work given to us brings tears of appreciation.

blessingWe have experienced many miracles on the mission trip to Africa. At an outdoor Mass as we began to distribute communion, we realized that we didn’t have enough consecrated hosts for all to receive. We immediately began breaking hosts in small particles to give Jesus to each person. It was dusk and the only light was from the platform where the altar was standing. The ciborium Dennis was distributing from was a white ceramic bowl. He was at the end of particles left in the ciborium and numerous times turned the bowl to the light to see to get the last portion. It was as if more particles of the host appeared. He was able to communicate all who came forward to receive. The priests who were there were surprised that he didn’t run out of hosts because they had run out long before he finished distributing communion. In fact those in their lines moved over to his line to receive Eucharist.

Other men and women gave testimonies of miracles at the Mass. One woman said her knee was healed and another said her shoulder had been healed. Others experienced inner healing of emotional pain, such as freedom from depression, addiction and incest lifting the cloud of fear and anger. Praise God!

With the grace of God leading us into 2006, along with our Board of Directors, we pray we have eyes to see and ears to hear what God has in store for those who believe in Him. Our daily prayer for each of our benefactors is an openness to receive God’s abundant grace and mercy. May 2006 be filled with love, peace, joy, healing and all the fruit of a life lived reliant on the grace and power of the Holy Spirit.

Christmas Blessings, Deacon Dennis & Elizabeth

God Is Good

Posted by Dennis Chitwood Sun, 11 Dec 2005 15:37:00 GMT

God is good – that is His nature WOW. We find the faith of the people inspiring. They expect God to heal and He does. A woman who slipped and fell in the shower on 12-7 asked for prayer. Her shoulder hurt and her neck was also in pain. We prayed with Susan (head of Healing/Deliverance in Nairobi). The woman came and told me at lunch her shoulder was completely free of pain. I had shown her some back exercises too. We continue to praise and thank God for the healing He is doing.

Fr. Paul, a Vencentian, celebrated Mass with us yesterday at the crusade. His homily was over 1 ½ hrs. He broke open Sacred Scripture, story after story, in such a beautiful way it didn’t feel too long. The crusade was much smaller than the organizers expected – about 500 people. They were a little disappointed, they had worked hard preparing and the harvest was small. God brings whomever He wants and works as He wills. We keep praying to get out of His way.

Just came from 8 AM Sun. Mass. Our host Fr. Kevin McGarry S.M.A. (Society of Missionaries to Africa) is turning a parish he built from nothing to Fr. Fabian today. He gave God all the glory for what has been accomplished, but it almost looked like he felt like crying after the homily. He is so gracious and helpful. This morning as I came downstairs he was washing dishes for us for breakfast. His helpers, Beatrice and Alice, don’t come in until after Mass.

We have just received a wonderful surprise, Fr. Simon Njorgi, a Kenyan priest who we met in St. Louis years ago came for a visit. He drove over two hours to see us. We are so blessed and honored by the people of Kenya.

This will be our last posting from Kenya. Please continue to pray for us as we teach this afternoon and travel home.

Remember who you are.

Blessings, Deacon Dennis & Elizabeth

Leaders Conference ends

Posted by Dennis Chitwood Sat, 10 Dec 2005 04:02:00 GMT

12-9 Completed the Leadership teachings in Nairobi with a powerful Mass and song & dance (have on videotape). We attended a prayer meeting at the Basilica Fri. night – about 100+ people including a song group from Uganda. Can you picture us doing the Macarana to Christ music? Peter gave a teaching and we each shared a little. Kenyans are interested to learn about the PERMANANT Diaconate wherever we go. Today we begin the Rally or Crusade. Many leaders from the prayer groups will be there.

The travel is on the opposite side of the road because of the British influence. Can’t begin to tell how often we have gasped at the driving. Cars sometimes go on the other side of the road to get past a jam – we did this last night. Always there are many walking, riding bikes and pushing carts heavily laden with goods – the cars and Matatus (means it costs three shillings) come so close at times we are sure they will hit – but have only seen a couple accidents. Matatu is a mini-van they use like a bus. Often there are 15 people in one with a person or two as they hang to the side.

The political situation is in big transition. You may have seen some on the news at home. People are letting their voices heard and it is a trying time. Democracy takes time. Many times as we gather we pray for the politicians and peace. Many Catholics are going to Eucharistic adoration. Monday will be their celebration of Independence. We are told not to attend and gatherings or parades for safety. We hope to see it on TV.

God is GOOD – ALL the time. ALL the time – God is GOOD (they add ‘that is His nature WOW’)

Home next week – yeah God

Blessings, Elizabeth & Dennis

Blessings of Africa

Posted by Dennis Chitwood Fri, 09 Dec 2005 03:11:00 GMT

12-9-05 Every morning when I wake up I say to myself ‘you are in Africa’. Looking out from Fr. Kevin’s parish – Mary, Mother of God (story later), we see the Ngong Mountains (another story).Mother of God

12-8 I was blest to teach on Mary on her feast of the Immaculate Conception. (Apologetics – how to defend the faith). Today we bring to the leaders of Nairobi the theme of Evangelization. We teach on the Gifts of the Spirit. Last week, in Mombasa, this teaching lead to the Baptism of H.S and renewal of outpouring to those who have already been Baptized. We’ll see what the spirit does today. Elizabeth teaching Since St. Louis is 9 hrs. behind in time, as we wake up at 6AM, you are winding down the evening (9PM) When we go to bed (usually about 10 PM) it is about 1PM there.

Thank you for the prayers, they are effective. The difference in how we speak English is difficult for us to understand each other. Even Fr. Kevin is from Ireland. We miss some of what is shared, as they miss some of our teachings.

Blessings, Elizabeth & Deacon Dennis

Finding Nairobi filled with friends

Posted by Dennis Chitwood Wed, 07 Dec 2005 15:00:00 GMT

Sorry, but we have very slow internet access here and cannot upload pictures easily. Look for them on the site after 12/14/05.

We visited the Eastland Youth Project in the Eastland ghetto 12/6/05. This is an amazing ministry to the poor in Nairobi. The center is in the heart of the ghetto and run by Opus Dei. They have volunteer university students tutoring the 12 – 14-year-old boys in math, English, computer etc. Then they play sports. As we talked with a couple tutors (more stories later) the boys were practicing Christmas carols. Later two boys sang a rap song that one of them wrote about the monster AIDS. They work on developing and building self-esteem and developing the virtue of chastity. Men here think women are to be used for their pleasure. It is an uphill struggle. The schools here went on holiday until Jan. when they start a new school year. This center is open 4-6:30 M-F during the school year. Now on Holiday it gives these boys a place to have structure and be nurtured. Last week two murders happened just outside the centers front entrance. eyp1

God does not call us to be successful, but to be faithful.

We were also able to visit two homes. Imagine a room about 8 x 10 shared by a family of mother, father and two children. This is their family room, dining and living room and bedroom. There is a set of bunk beds, two chairs with a table in the middle and a small sofa. There was a credenza with a 12� TV. We didn’t see any clothes, Fr. Kevin said they were stuffed into boxes under the beds and table. They share a kitchen and bathroom with 2 or 3 other families in the same house.

Sunday there was a first communion of 37 boys and girls. At Fr. Armagast parish, they receive when they are ready, not at a set age. There were 2nd grade through 8th receiving their first communion. They have to be able to pray spontaneously and lead prayer before receiving for the first time. They were dressed similar as we do at home.communion

Just heard on the CNN news St. Louis is –6 c; so sorry. Mon. Nairobi had a 6.8 earthquake. We didn’t feel anything and there was little damage, mostly to high rise buildings. We will not have much opportunity to see the news as tomorrow we start the second round of presentations to the leaders conference.

We had a most enjoyable visit with Moses and Patrick two seminary students here in their final year of study. Moses sends his regards to the people of Annunciation parish in Webster where he stayed while in St. Louis.Moses & Francis

Seeing our friend Fr. Tony DeSousa was a highlight for us. It had been seventeen years between visits. However it was as though it was only yesterday that we had seen each other. The only difference was that we had aged. He sends his greetings to those in St. tony

Blessings, Deacon Dennis & Elizabeth

Back in Nairobi, Kenya

Posted by Dennis Chitwood Mon, 05 Dec 2005 16:54:00 GMT

12-5-05 Greetings from Nairobi, Kenya Sorry we have been out of contact. We could not easily get access to the net in Mombasa. The three-day leadership conference went very well. It was challenging and at times funny to present through an interpreter. It was extremely hot and humid – we drank lots of bottled water. No AC or hot water and very few mosquitoes – Thank God, but we had a bed and, good meals Hard to estimate but the crowd at the two day rally was over 1,000. It may have been more but St. Loreto (that’s how they spell it) School is a walled community and people could not see and join in easily. We have had 12 – 14 hour days filled with God’s love. So many stories, but one of my favorite was praying with the people Sun. afternoon and sensing their pain and gentle tears started streaming down my cheeks. Den was moved too. Still emotional as I write this.

We have been to the local Catholic School primary and secondary schools. Children learning in very difficult environment. Dirt floors, open air windows, no heat or air conditioning. The children loved to see us and shake hands. We taught them to share a blessing and to respond to the question to remember who you are. Child of God.

Tomorrow we meet with Eastlands Youth Project (we hear this is a rough area) director at 9 AM and will see Moses (Annunciation Parish) at 3PM.

Blessings, Elizabeth and Dennis

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