Prayer Group Celebrates

Posted by Dennis Chitwood Tue, 20 Aug 2013 16:01:25 GMT

WOW 5 August Birthdays at Genesis Prayer Group: Joe Lee Aug 5, Yolanda Chapa Aug 18, Mary Roy & Mike Perks 8-22, Joanie Hasser 8-24 We prayed for The Baptism of the Holy Spirit and stirring of His gifts at Genesis Prayer Group. Then we celebrated these wonderful Children of God's B-day with brownies, ice cream, fruit and home made salsa and chips. Oh how the Lord blesses us with grace and fellowship.
Blessed be the name of Jesus. Come Holy Spirit Come there is always more

Catholic Renewal Center upcoming events Fall Conference 'Streetwise Evangelization' Oct. 11 & 12 Life In the Spirit Seminars (7 weeks) beginning: Weds. Sept 4 Holy Infant Parish Mon. Sept 9 Cardinal Rigali Center Weds Sept 11 Catholic Renewal Center Mon. March 3, 2014 St. Anselm Parish

Magnificat Breakfast for women Sept 14 - St. Kathleen Ronan RSM Dec 7 - Patti Mansfield

Zachariah Breakfast for men Sept 28 Dr. John Gresham Nov 16 Fr. Joseph Post March 29, 2014 Most Rev. Robert Carlson

to register or for more information call 314-427-7786 or

Genesis Prayer Group will meet next Mon Aug 26 at 7 PM at Chitwoods.
Labor Day Sept 2 TBA.
Then we will be at the Regali Center for 7 weeks beginning Sept 9, 2013 for LISS - invite others


God provides

Posted by Dennis Chitwood Sun, 17 Feb 2013 23:55:44 GMT

Dear Genesis Ministry, Thank you for being God's instrument in helping our family obtain a vechicle. We were at a place where we could not afford much for even a used car and through you, not only did we receive a car but we were additionally blessed by being gifted the car! We had being praying that God would provide for us, not quite sure how it would happen. When we got the email and then the phone call confirming that you had a vechicle that was being donated for our use, we praised God for His abundant goodness. Every time we see the vechicle or drive in it, we are so aware or His love for us.

We thank God every day for the donor and for the gift of Genesis Ministry and all the blessings that are poured out through you. Thank you for being the Face of God for us! Peace. K.

God has a plan

Posted by Dennis Chitwood Sun, 17 Feb 2013 23:44:36 GMT

Dennis, I met you about 10 years ago at our parish prayer group. You were our guest that evening. You gave a brief homily and prayer, and you were going to pray over each of us. There were maybe twelve people there. You started to go to one person, then you stopped, looked at me, and came over to me first. You told me everything that was going on with my son, and the only thing you didn't have correct was his name. You said John, but his name is Jason. Everything else was spot on. Our leader said she did not tell you anything ahead of time. You prayed over me and gave me so much peace and hope. You told me God has a plan, to let him do his work.I had to let go and let God. That following Saturday morning (1am) at my Eucharistic adoration, rather than yell and be angry with God, I cried and begged and finally surrendered the situation to Him. From that time on, I was at peace, and the situation began to turn around. That whole time, I was in God's way. You helped me see that at the prayer group, and you helped me let go. I am forever grateful that God put you in my life at that time. I got to see first-hand, the awesome power of our God and his plan. May God continue to bless you. Marie

SPIN Marriage Retreat for 2013

Posted by Dennis Chitwood Sat, 16 Feb 2013 01:30:58 GMT

The March 1st & 2nd SPIN Marriage Retreat is full with some couples on standby. We will be having more retreats June 21st & 22nd and August 9th & 10th. We hope you can join us for the life changing marriage retreat. You can always email or call us if you have any questions.

Suffering 101

Posted by Dennis Chitwood Sat, 05 Jan 2013 18:47:00 GMT

Our God is an awesome God. Nov 2, 2012 was my first ever broken bones in my 68 years of life and I realize I have so much more to learn. My broken ribs are healed and I want to thank you for your prayers. I was asking God for a miracle the first two weeks in order to give Him the glory. He did not give me what I asked for, but what He knew I needed.

I had an opportunity to offer my pain and suffering and unite it with Jesus' passion and death for Him to use for the soul most in need of His mercy. This journey deepened my faith, patience and trust in our living God. I realize God created our bodies to heal and mend themselves given the proper time and treatment. I came to believe even more deeply that 'God works all things to the good for those who love Him and keep His word.' Romans 8:28 I practiced, in those early weeks, what I often say 'to praise and thank God for ALL' as I lay on my bed in pain. I 'gave thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ' Eph. 5:20. He says to ask and you will receive - I asked and the answer was - not yet. All good things, in His time. He makes all things beautiful in His time. Let us be open to more of the power and presence of God. Come Holy Spirit, Come

May this New Year be lived in such an attitude of trust in our God that it will be the BEST YEAR YET. You and yours are in my daily Mass prayers. Thank you again and again.

Elizabeth Chitwood


Posted by Dennis Chitwood Sat, 05 Jan 2013 18:35:15 GMT

We received the following email this morning: Elizabeth, Thank you so much for your prayers and your presence with us which was such a consolation to me. I experienced for the first time the gift of healing through you. Alban took such a dramatic turn after you left that he was discharged the next AM. It was a powerful healing! So thank you for you and your husband's beautiful ministry. I keeping spreading the word to others about Genesis Ministry.

September 7-8, 2012 Retreat

Posted by Dennis Chitwood Fri, 29 Jun 2012 17:07:00 GMT


Posted by Dennis Chitwood Fri, 29 Jun 2012 16:53:00 GMT

SPIN Brochure pic

SPIN Brochure pic 2

1-1-2012 Newsletter

Posted by Dennis Chitwood Sat, 31 Dec 2011 22:08:06 GMT

Dear Friends,

We pray that during this Christmas Season each of us will experience God's presence in our life every day. The Miracle of the Incarnation, God coming among us as man, is beyond our comprehension. That alone has caused thousands upon thousands to be in wonder and awe of the closeness of God with us – Emmanuel.

In this sense of awe and wonder of the action of God we would like to share a few of our many experiences over the past year of how God has touched lives through Genesis Ministry. We know it is only through your love, prayer and support that we are able to create the environment to allow hearts to be open to receive God's grace and mercy.

During a Confirmation Retreat four young men experienced deeper understanding of the power of the Holy Spirit.

Following the Joplin, MO tornado of 5-22 we were able to help one of the many families who were devastated by this disaster. Through the generosity of many Genesis donors we were able to send them $12,000 which gave them a 'Hand Up' on beginning a new life.

Eleven couples retreated to a ranch in Farmington, MO for a SPIN Marriage Retreat

Genesis gave a Day of Reflection to women of St. Martin De Porres Parish

Genesis gave a Day of Reflection to the Permanent Deacon and wives about couple spiritual intimacy.

The Visitation painting in Florence, Italy at the moment of Elizabeth's moms death.

Aquinas Institute recognized Dennis' preaching ability by bestowing on him their Great Preacher Award

We meet with many people one-on-one. Some shared their gratitude to God:

'I have been following God and His ways for many years since my Baptism of the Holy Spirit . It all pales in comparison to what I have just received through a Theophostic Prayer experience.'

'I am free of Panic attacks triggered from past sexual abuse'

'Whenever I'm with you miracles happen – my eyes are open to God's presence'

'All couples could benefit from this retreat.'

'I am a child of God. Wow'

You and yours are lifted up at our daily Mass. Please pray for us to follow God's lead.

Blessings, Dennis & Elizabeth

Note from Yvonne

Posted by Dennis Chitwood Sat, 31 Dec 2011 21:26:00 GMT

Dear Deacon Dennis and Auunt Elizabeth, Praise God! Hope your holiday is coming up well. I have sent you more photos of the admission day- inset is Mum,my brother-Emmanuel, my uncle and her daughter. About the check you were to send - we are very thankfull about it but we were thinking maybe you could just hold on with it and when I get a permanent job maybe I could save and combine with that you are holding then it forms the air ticket for me to come visit and thank you personaly.What do you think? Lots of Love and Blessings,

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